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Hello and welcome to…DEVELOP3D

I am very excited to announce that CADjobhunter has joined forces with the publishers of the very popular product development journal DEVELOP3D by providing them with a jobs website, that complements their existing online content.

The website is due to go live on Monday 15th November, in time for the latest release of DEVELOP3D to drop through your letter box.  However those who subscribe to the DEVELOP3D iPhone and iPad app (and get an advanced preview of this month’s edition) we apologise that the site is not yet live.  But you can get a great indication of the types of jobs we are advertising on

About CADjobhunter

If you are new to CADjobhunter, it’s a jobs website dedication to advertising roles which involve the use of CAD, 3D and GIS software.  The website allows job seekers to search for opportunities by the software that they are most proficient in as well as the more traditional, job sector and location options.  The site also allows you to register your details, up load your profile and CV (so recruiters can find you) and register to receive email notifications so that when a job is posted which fit your job search criteria you will receive a notification in your inbox.


The jobs website attached to DEVELOP3D will be part of the CADjobhunter network but will be focussed on the Product Development and Manufacturing (PDM) industries, however there is the option to expand your search to incorporate the AEC and Digital Content Creation sectors, particularly relevant if you feel your skills and experiences span industry sectors.

Also by registering on one site you can login to all websites on the CADjobhunter network.


For those who are familiar with CADjobhunter but new to DEVELOP3D, it is a print and digital resource which tracks the essential technologies used throughout the entire product development process. It provides a constant commentary and analysis of the industry with readership comprising of key decision makers at all levels including engineers, designers, managers, and technical staff.

The printed editions are released on a monthly bases and are free!  If you are interested in receiving a copy each month you can register your details here. You can also view a pdf version of their latest issue here (registration required) and as mentioned previously you can also view the latest release on your iPhone and/or iPad.

Coming soon…

The guys behind DEVELOP3D also publish AEC Magazine, the only title devoted exclusively to AEC technology solutions in use throughout Building, Architecture, Civil & Structural Engineering, and soon their website will also have a job section…powered by CADjobhunter!

We are still working on a few things but we hope that it won’t be too long until you can also use this site.


If you would like to know more, have suggestions or interested in advertising a vacancy (either online or in the new opportunities section of the printed magazines) then I would love to hear from you.

Matt Wells
01252 414007