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Digital Tutors – Online training resources

Received an email today from bluegfx announcing that they have agreed to become Digital Tutors European online reseller which prompted me to find out a little bit more about the service.

In a nutshell they offer a training library for users of graphic software.  They cover off 33 different titles which include 3ds Max, Maya, After Effects and Zbrush.

What is quite nice is that they offer a subscription scheme whereby you can pay for 1, 6 or 12 month access which in that time affords you unlimited access to all their training material – and by the looks of things there is a hell of a lot of material, they claim 12,000+.

The subscription which is currently retailing from $45 (£28ish) for the 1 month up to $399 (£250ish) for 12 months would appear on the face of things fairly good value for professional training videos.

However, due to the large numbers of tutorials which can be found on certain other websites for free, is the service redundant?   What price for tutorials you can trust?

I would like to hear your opinions…